4.7 out of 5

From abandoned mines and forgotten trails, to Native American ruins and an apple orchard, the Superstition Mountains are full of history and intrigue.

Forming the eastern border of Arizona’s Valley of the Sun, the Superstitions have not only been an incredible source of beauty and outdoor adventure, but also a place riddled with superstition and mystery.

To this day treasure hunters scour the mountains for gold. They research old landmarks and maps along with clues from generations past.

This anthology is comprised of such superstitions, some familiar and some new, tales from the mountains, of Apache warriors, wizards, and ancient gods, of golems, ghosts, and the undead. Featuring works from Gini Koch, Steve Ruskin, DJ Butler, Chris Abela, Karen Pellett, DT Read, Jace Killan, Nate Givens, Jen Hutchins, Jessica Guernsey, Tanya Hales, Leah Moyes, and John D Payne.

4.6 out of 5

Dragons are creatures of legend. Of magic. Of wisdom, nature, and the power of creation. They have been in every culture and mythology since the beginning of time.

Writers are creatures of legend. With magic, wisdom, and the power of creation at their fingertips. They, too, are in every culture and have been creating their own mythologies since the beginning of time. Within each writer is the power of a dragon. . . . The power of creation.

Gathered together are twenty-six stories from writers who dared to tame this power, including New York Times best-selling authors Brandon Sanderson, Jody Lynn Nye, Todd McCaffrey, and David Farland. Through fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and poetry, this anthology celebrates the magic and majesty of dragons, writers, and creativity. Within these pages, you’ll find dragons who fly through space, who raise hatchlings, who carry the power of life and death. Some dragons are even featured as swords, planes, and origami creatures. Dragon Writers is a special collection where magic and myth combine to create something legendary. All profits benefit the Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship fund for the Superstars Writing Seminar.

4.8 out of 5

Set sail on the high seas with this collection of 21 unforgettable short stories featuring dashing rogues, daring rebels, and wily pirates searching for treasures of all kinds, including a forgotten journal, a heavenly sword, a young girl’s lucky sock, and even the Fountain of Youth.

Some pirates are familiar—complete with parrots, peg legs, and eye patches—but most are unique: a twelve-year-old computer hacker, a heroic rabbit on an unusual quest, a clump of cancer cells, and an alien setting sail among the stars.

X Marks the Spot: An Anthology of Treasure and Theft is about those men and women who live on the fringes of society, who are beholden to no man, no law, and who always have one eye on the horizon.

So grab your map and set your headings. There are adventures to be had, mateys, and treasures to be found.

This anthology is the fifth volume produced by the alumni of the Superstars Writing Seminars, and all royalties benefit the Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship Fund.

4.6 out of 5

Creativity comes from many places, but often the initial spark of inspiration can be traced to something or someone who challenged us to first put pen to paper or brush to canvas, to pick up a camera, to look at the world with new eyes. Maybe it was the lyrics of a favorite album. Maybe it was the encouragement from a beloved teacher. Maybe it was seeing a wonder of the natural world.

Maybe it was just a feeling deep down inside that demanded to be set free, a voice ready to be heard, a story begging to be told.

Hold Your Fire is a collection of nineteen short stories celebrating the power and influence of inspiration in all its forms—art, literature, music, astronomy, science, inventions, epiphanies.

Here you will find stories of people being inspired as well as stories of people inspiring someone else. Stories not only of artistic inspiration but of scientific discoveries. The “Eureka!” moments that change the whole world and the small moments when someone dares to fight one more day.

From a romance about a teenager’s attempts to win over his first crush with poetry to musicians and artists harnessing the inspiration of unexpected muses to a fairy tale princess seeking for happiness, every story in this anthology shines brightly. And since every fire casts a shadow, there are also a few horror stories that thrive in the dark.

Hold Your Fire: Stories Celebrating the Creative Spark is the sixth anthology edited by Lisa Mangum and published by WordFire Press in support of the Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship fund for the Superstars Writing Seminars.

Hold Your Fire is an exceptional collection of stories, written by an all star cast of authors, that kept this reader turning pages in anticipation from one story to the next.”—Kaye Lynn Booth at Writing to be Read

4.4 out of 5

Spend an afternoon antiquing and it’s not hard to figure out why picking has become one of America’s fondest pastimes. It’s treasure hunting while connecting with history. But what if those treasures hunt us back?

From old books, to vinyl records, antique mirrors, vintage figurines, or a Bob’s Big Boy piggy bank, curses have no limits.

Featuring stories from D.J. Butler, Joy Auburn, Martin L. Shoemaker, Jessica Guernsey, John D. Payne, Jen Bair, Karen Pellett, Steve Ruskin, Tanya Hales, Lauren Lang, Frank Morin, Mike Jack Stoumbous, Kelly Lynn Colby, Jace Killan, Jo Schneider, Gama Ray Martinez, Martin Greening, Chris Abela, A.J. Mayall, Heidi A. Wilde, Shannon Fox, Lauryn Christopher, and Mark Leslie.

4.2 out of 5

Cheerful in the face of dark opposition. Innovative to improve a backward world. Industrial as a cure for oppressive conditions. Unyielding beneath all who seek to bind and control them. Faithful until they conquer the fear of death and rise to great acts of heroism and service. Mormons and Steampunks are two faces of the same coin.

Twelve authors spin tales of true believers facing impossible odds, risking this life in the hope of gaining something better after. Mormon Battalion soldiers fight an airship, a bounty hunter crosses Porter Rockwell, cultists attempt to reanimate Brigham Young, and missionaries run into Cthulhu. These are just a few of the amazing tales by award winning, bestselling, and premier authors–
D. J. Butler, John M. Olsen, Steven L. Peck, Elizabeth Mueller, Scott E. Tarbet, Jay Barnson, Joe Monson, Amanda Hamblin, Christopher McAfee, Jace Killan, John D. Payne, and Lee Allred.

All Made of Hinges is the first installment in the incredible four-part Mormon Steampunk series by Immortal Works Press. If you love these stories, look for more in Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel, Press Forward, Saints, and A Mighty Fortress.

5 out of 5

Though fresh out of prison, Joaquin isn’t free. He owes a debt of service and the cartel will see it paid. Only they don’t plug him into their lucrative drug operation, instead they give Joaquin half a billion dollars, laundered and ready to invest.

But Joaquin wants redemption. He wants to be like his father and brother who both died in the line of duty as heroes. So he becomes an informant for the FBI.

As the monies grow, he discovers that the funds in his care are not the sole property of the cartel, but mostly belong to a well-coordinated terrorist cell, hell-bent on bringing capitalism to its knees.

Joaquin has to walk the line between informant and cartel money manager while trying to protect those he loves along with the nation for which his brother and father gave their lives.

4.5 out of 5

Tory has been struggling with what she thinks is depression and anxiety, but her feelings are unnatural. Little does she know that she’s become the target of a team of serial killers that like to play with their victims by breaking their minds before killing them.

Heather is a caring sister, mother, and wife. She knows something is wrong and is determined to understand what it is. She doesn’t know that she’s been invited to play in a sick game. If she loses, it will cost her everything, her sanity, her family, and her life.

Bo is a young man trying to make sense of his world. He’s not like other kids. He’s not like anyone. It isn’t until after trying to take his own life that he meets his mentor, a psychologist, that teaches Bo how to be his true self and how to kill without getting caught.

5 out of 5

Before he was commodore in the U.S. Navy, before sailing for Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin, before he fought in the Revolutionary War and escaped from the red coat prison, Joshua Barney was a boy. And he wanted to sail.

Joshua began sailing at the age of twelve and worked his way to second mate of a cargo ship by the age of fifteen. When the first mate jumps ship and his captain dies, Joshua assumes command of a leaky ship and a headstrong crew.

To prove to himself, his family, and the world that he was meant to be a sailor, Joshua has to save the ship, deliver his cargo, and unite his men. Anything less would result in the end of his brief career at sea.